What is PBGroup?

The Praying Brethren Group is an electronic mailing list. Those subscribed will receive messages that are sent to the group by other subscribers. Any subscriber in good standing can send a message to the group. Each day subscribers will receive at least one message, and usually no more than two or three in total.

Who is PBGroup for?

It’s not for everyone. It’s for those who are currently attending or have previously attended a Reunited Brethren assembly to send and receive announcements via e-mail of general interest to all in the assemblies.

What kind of messages may I send and NOT send to the PBGroup mailing list?

Please read the PBGroup Acceptable Use Policy.

I need technical support, who do I contact?

Please finish reading this Faq to see if your question/issue is addressed.

If you still need help go here refer to the support page.

DO NOT send your requests to the entire mailing list.

How do I subscribe?

Send your name, e-mail address and location (city, state or country) to the email address specified on the support page.

Does PBGroup have a Web Interface?

Yes. You can read the postings, change your own email address, and unsubscribe by going here: http://list.prayingbrethren.org/cgi-bin/lyris.pl?enter=pbmail&text_mode=&lang=english

You will need a password assigned to you to do that. Send a request for a password to the email address specified on the support page to receive one. You can change it after you log in.

How do I change my e-mail address on pbgroup mailing list?

Send your name, old e-mail address and new e-mail address to the email address specified on the support page. You could also do it yourself using the web interface mentioned above.

How do I unsubscribe?

Click on the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of every PBGroup e-mail that you receive.

Where do I send questions, comments, and suggestions?

Direct them to the email address specified on the support page.

I sent a message to the list but it didn’t get distributed. Why?

There are several reasons why:

  1. The email address that you are sending the email from is not subscribed to the list. If you have more than one email address, only messages sent from the email address that is subscribed to PBGroup will be distributed to the list.
  2. If your subject line has the word “email” in it, it will be rejected. This is our way of automatically filtering out email change requests that shouldn’t be directed to the entire list.

OK, I’ve subscribed and read the rules and now I’m ready to send a message to everyone on PBGroup. How do I do that?

Send your message to pbmail@list.prayingbrethren.org and everyone will receive it.

Help! I’m not getting any e-mail.

This happens to some people. As a first step to solving your problem, please make sure your email is not being filtered out by your spam filter.

If you still need help send a request to the email address specified on the support page.

Who is responsible for PBGroup?

The administrative group:

  • Dale Amerson
  • Todd Flath
  • Danny Sands

Who handles support requests?

Dale Amerson

Who writes the daily Pray Today e-mails?

These e-mails are taken from the Prayer Calendar that is written by brother Eugene Vedder. The Prayer Calendar is also included in the Missionary Bulletin.