Acceptable Use Policy

Feel free to send a message to the PBGroup Mailing List of general interest to all, such as:

  • Personal Announcements: Births, Help Needed, Weddings, with-the-Lord
  • Organizational Announcements
  • Prayer requests for: sickness, loss of job, families with someone gone to be with-the-Lord
  • Requests for: Room, Board and/or Transportation to/from assembly functions
  • An Encouraging: Poem, quotation, or verse from God’s word
  • Event Information: notices of upcoming events or reports from recent retreats, camps and conferences.

    Please post these only if they are currently in agreement with the assemblies represented by the mailing list administrators: (Currently: Bible Truth Hall–2060 Johanna Street, Wyoming, MI,;Colonia Chapel–830 Lake Avenue, Clark, NJ,; Those at 2185 S.W. 187th Avenue, Aloha, OR, and generally those in fellowship with the addresses in the address book edited by brothers Eugene Vedder and Gordon Bennett.)

What kind of messages should I NOT send to everyone on PBGroup mailing list?

  • Prayer requests involving others without their permission
  • Warning messages of viruses or chain letters
  • Anything that might be offensive to some people
  • Advocacy of a group or cause
  • Arguments
  • Gossip
  • Announcement of change of e-mail address or new e-mail address
  • Slander of any organization or person
  • Private messages

Are there other things I should consider?

Yes. In general, please be careful of all subject matter, recognizing that libel laws and other legalities apply to all messages sent.

Please be considerate of others and:

  • Send messages in plain-text format
  • Reply to the sender of a message in private (unless reply pertains to everyone)
  • Double space after each period of a sentence (makes messages easier to read)
  • Place your name in your message
  • Ask for permission when quoting

Please DO NOT:

  • Send copyrighted documents to PBGroup (unless permission is received)
  • Send messages over 2 pages long or 20KB
  • Send binary file attachments
  • Type in all capital letters